Sunday, January 2, 2011

Almost 26 Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights
How far along: Almost 26 weeks!
Size of the baby: A large eggplant (2 lbs)
Maternity clothes: Absolutely on pants, everything else is on a garment-by-garment basis!
Movement: I feel him moving a lot, and most others who touch my belly can feel him too (as long as he is cooperating)
Gender: It's a BOY... Zachariah Hayes Morris!!
Sleep: I toss and turn, but still am getting a good night's sleep.
What I miss: Sleeping without worrying if I'm on the right side or not.
Cravings: If anything, I crave smoothies and shakes. I think it's the fact that it is cold, sweet and smooth!
Symptoms: Still throwing up on occasion, but no nausea (it must be the over-sensitive gag reflex).
Best moment this week: Feeling him move more and more frequently!


Becca said...

Love it Katie! You look beautiful friend!

She McCord said...

glad you are back to blogging! excited to read about your growing family! good luck on the rest of your pregnancy! it will go by soooo fast!!

Alex & Tonya said...

You look great Katie!