Thursday, July 30, 2009

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Arizona or Bust!

Over 4th of July weekend, we had the wonderful opportunity of going to Prescott, Arizona for my cousin Samantha's wedding. We had an absolute blast and Arizona was so much more beautiful than we ever expected. We were just hoping we wouldn't be stuck in the scorching desert for 5 days!! Of course, with all of the wedding festivities I hardly got any pictures in, but there are two for you to enjoy. Maybe I can go "borrow" some pictures off her Facebook so you can see the blushing bride! Enjoy the pictures, there's a lot!
The floral arrangements for the reception... It was our virgin experience with floral arranging and we think we may have missed our calling!

The brides bouquet.. All my handiwork. (PS... Never use blue roses, they STAIN!)
A beautiful mountain on our drive to Flagstaff and Sedona...
Do I look sick?? I felt miserable because we were on what I called the "swirling, twirling road of death", or more lightly called "the scenic route." I could have lived without so much scenery!
Our group... my mom, dad, me, Caleb and cousin Anna Grace. We had so much fun and by the end of it all, Caleb got my uber-shy cousin AG to yell. First he asked her if she ever went above 2 decibals, if that gives you any idea of how soft-spoken she was!
Beautiful, beautiful Sedona from the Airport lookout point!
My hubby and I dangerously close to the edge, that will make your stomach drop!
Mom and Dad, so fit and with-it!
Anna Grace... Her arms are almost as big as the mountain!
Another view, even closer to the edge. My precious husband insisted on being closer to the edge to take one for the team in case of emergency- how romantic!
The rocks as we left Prescott, incredible!
The Grand Canyon in all her glory! This is my first real view of the canyon.. I tell you, if someone doesn't believe there is a higher power who created all of this, they are nutso! It was such a powerful, awe-inspiring experience to inhale the beauty of our creator in his handiwork.
A long shot of the Canyon. Did you know the GC is over 270 miles long and 18 miles at it's widest point?? That's big, folks!
Part of our crew with us down below. We hiked part of the South Kaibab Trail. Let me just tell you folks that this is no cake walk, either. Experts tell you to take.5 L of water for every 30 minutes you hike as well as sweet and salty snacks for every time you stop... and you need every bit of that and then some! On top of all that, they tell you to plan on it taking twice the amount of time to "hike out" of the canyon than it takes you to "hike in" and they are spot on. It was a grueling and invigorating hike! We plan to go back in cooler weather and hike to the bottom! Anyone wanna come??
More amazing.
Us, about 1 mile or so in the canyon on Bright Angel Trail.
A view from the lookout... it's like the Grand Canyon never ends!
Our group hiking up... we went down about a half to three-quarters of a mile further than them, and on our way up we hollered to them. Canyons echo well!
The GC from Hopi Point.
The GC and a piece of the Colorado River from Pima Point.
A view of the Bright Angel Trail... do you see all the switchbacks?? Those things are butt-busters! This is what we want to hike when we return!
Another beautiful view... I just can't get enough of God's creation! It is truly incredible!
A view of the switchbacks we hiked on South Kaibab Trail.
On the edge..Freaky!!
Him too!... Ok, gotta be honest, it really isn't the edge. But did it make your heart skip just a beat or two???
The river really does run through it!
Us again, this time sporting the doo-rags! It was so hot that we soaked those in water and put them on our heads, how resourceful and sexy!
The ladies! We are champs!
Our entire crew... My Uncle Mark, Aunt Corinne, cousins Catherine, Daniel, Stephen and Philip, cousin Anna Grace, my 'rents, my hubs and me!
Dad and the girls!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Livi and Ben

We have had such a fun summer and have been so blessed to have my sister, Erin, and her kids up in Dallas for most of June and July! Erin and her family live in Kingwood where my bro-in-law is the head youth pastor at Second Baptist Church North Campus, however with the *lovely* economy, they were homeless for a month, so Erin brought the kids to play here while Brian was a nomad in Kingwood. Here are some pictures of those precious little turkeys I played with!

Livi having fun at the mall, ready to go to the Carousel!

Ben waiting anxiously too..

Prince Charming and the Princess playing at Mimi and Papa's house!

Ben checking out the planes at Airport Park!

Livi enjoying her Capri Sun with Uncle Cabo!

Roomie Reunion!

Soo.. the weekend that my school district let out for the summer, all of my roommates from college made the trek (near or far) to Dallas for a weekend of fun! It was totally different this time around, with all of our hubbies, boyfriends, "special friends", don't know what kind of "friend" you are joined us at our house for the weekend! It was an absolute blast! Brandy got here first on Thursday night, followed by Becca and Jeff and Julie and Warren on Friday night. We kept it low key on Friday, just relaxing at our house and playing Apples to Apples. Saturday, we made the trek over to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens to explore, then went to Joe T. Garcia's for dinner, YUM!! By Sunday, we all had to get back to "reality" and all the fun was over! The weekend was a short but fun one! I miss all these girls, and wish I could see all of them more than I do! Let's do it again, ladies!! Love y'all!!