Monday, January 26, 2009

Other Updates on Life Since November...

Well, here ya have it folks, an update on life from Thanksgiving to now! We celebrated Thanksgiving here at our very own first home, which was an absolute blast. As the Morris family, we decided long ago that even though we live in the same town as our families we would not share holidays... we didn't want to be the crazy people driving from house to house to appease everyone else and not have a good time for ourselves. Well, I must say that it is WONDERFUL. Not that we don't love all of our family, but it is great to be able to really focus all our energy on just one family per holiday and the time is really quality! So, Turkey day came and the Hayes family (Katie's side) all did the Turkey Trot, sans mom who just had knee surgery and was babysitting the turkey in the oven! The Trot was fun, crowded as always, and I am so proud of my hubby who ran the entire thing! Then we started gearing up for Christmas, decorating the outside of the house and wrapping presents galore! Right before Christmas we celebrated Megan's B-Day (Katie's sister who lives in NYC) by going down to the Bishop Arts District to a darling restaurant called Hatties! We had a wonderful, Christ-filled holiday with Caleb's family! I got my very first I-Pod, which was quite exciting, and got to go shopping for some cute clothes! Caleb got some much needed new clothes and a present that actually came in the mail today, a Blu-Ray player! Following Christmas, we celebrated New Years by going to the Stars game and sticking around for the Big D NYE. I must say that compared to last year, it was a MAJOR let-down... quite a stinker of a New Years. We did enjoy ourselves with Shane and Laura, though. Then we celebrated New Years Day by having Christmas with my (Katie's) family, and celebrating her dad's b-day! Our big present from my parents was a new grill, which we love!! Since New Years we have hit the ground running with work and school for Caleb. It is the busy time of year for Katie with TAKS and it seems to always be busy at work for Caleb, which we are very thankful for! I know it is late to say, but we hope you had a wonderful Christmas season and are waiting hopefully and enjoying all of the rich blessings God has in store for you and yours in 2009!

PS... Sorry for the lack of photos, I can't find my USB connector thingy for the camera!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Surprise Anniversary Trip in November!

Soo overdue, but here ya go! My wonderful, sweet, amazing, thoughtful, etc. etc etc. husband TOTALLY surprised me with a trip to NYC for our 3rd anniversary in November!!!! I was shocked beyond words, literally, which if you know me, NEVER happens! I thought he was going to be in Oklahoma and that my sweet friend Laura was treating me to a massage, when my husband showed up on my front door step, blind-folded me and whisked me away. I was surprised that he was there, but thought nothing of a trip. I just thought we were going to dinner and maybe a Mavs or Stars game. It wasn't until we were in the airport parking lot, my husband put a book in my hand and told me to take the blind fold off that I realized we were going to New York, right then!! The book was a sight-seeing book, by the way (I thought when he put it in my hand that he had bought me some cheesy self-help marriage book-haha!). Soo... off we went to NYC, where we stayed with my sweet little sister Megan and her husband Will! Here's my photo-journal of the exciting long weekend!

At the airport, still shocked and unable to comprehend the reality of what we were doing!
St. Patrick's Cathedral
At Magnolia Bakery-where the "thing" for cupcakes began! I got the hummingbird, which was absolutely delish!
Caleb eating his cupcake and wishing he had ordered mine... YUM!!!
NBC Studio Tour.. We couldn't take any pictures inside, sorry folks! But I will tell you that we got to see SNL and the Today Show.
A view of the Today Show from the Plaza, sorry no Meredith or Matt inside.
Times Square.
Morgan Stanley, where the big-wigs like my little sister work!
Us in Times Square, chaos.
Us having a fabulous italian dinner before my husband's second best surprise, tickets to WICKED!!!
Inside Wicked!
Central Park, my favorite.
More CP.
NYC American Museum of Natural History, where Ross works.
Amazing exhibit, this looks totally real but it's fake. I swear.
Another fake exhibit. Amazing.
A dinosaur.
Dino bones. Cool.
CP and the City from the Museum.
Us eating pizza for lunch. I think we had NY pizza every day for lunch. My husband loves me for that.
Grand Central Station... it's a really cool place. AND it's really close to Bryant Park, which I adore.
More hubub in GCS. Gotta love those stranger-taken blurry pics.
Bryant Park. darling! We just people watched, my feet hurt because my husband packed all the wrong shoes. I forgave him and bought some new ones.
Us in Bryant Park.
Cooking dinner with the Davis' (my little sis and her hubby). There apt is soo cute! We used the apple peeler Megan bought that day and made curly fries.
Our delicious dinner. My sis has become such a homemaker- I'm proud!
A view of the city from CP at night. Megan and Will live less than a block from CP on the Upper West Side, so fabulous! We walked around for 2-3 hours that night just enjoying ourselves!
Now, where was that again?
Cool sky.
Upper West Side.
Bridge in CP.
Fountain in CP.
Us in CP. LOVE IT!!
Bentley, he loves me. He's Megan and Will's cat.
Wall Street.
Must include my favorite New Yorker, Rachel Ray!! That's about as close as I got.
Watching the Aggies lose (probably, can't say for sure...) at the NY A&M Club.
More of the same. We got shirts, so we are legit.
Empire State Building
OHHH delicious... Best meal of the week, hands down. Pastis in the Meatpacking District.
Davis Family
Morris Family.
Pictures of the tickets to the show we never saw. Lets just say Radio City Music Hall is extremely selfish and decided to cancel the show because they didn't sell enough tickets and thought they could ruin the dreams of little boys and girls everywhere. Oh well.
Chelsea Market, where Food Network shops! Can you tell I love food and Food Network?
Chelsea Market Wall Paintings
The Oreo Sandwich.
Chelsea Market was really cool. Yummy food shops and cute food boutiques!
Me, wishing I lived close to Chelsea Market.
Our consolation prize, a tour of Radio City Music Hall. This is an insanely expensive Swarovski Crystal Chandelier.
Inside Radio City. It's really cool.
With a Rockette.
Costumes through the years at Radio City.
The classic toy soldier costume.
More of the chandelier.
Outside RCMH.
Beautiful CP during the day. Can you tell we loved it?
Us in CP again.
The subway.
Sad to leave. Back to reality.