Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We are in.

So, we are in the house and officially have internet. Well, supposedly we have "had" internet since Friday, but I just got it working in the last day or so. It is coming along and I will have pictures to post later... hopefully tomorrow. I do not have the computer set up and my laptop has seen its last days, so I only get to use the computer when Caleb is at home and isn't cracking the whip. I know you are all on the edge of your seat... hopefully I will have pics up tomorrow. Night night blog world!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Quick Update

So, this one is going to be short. I just wanted to let you guys know where we are at in the project. Caleb and I feel like zombies, so exhausted from spending all of our free time for the last 2+ months working on the house... We did not move into the house this weekend due to certain circumstances, BUT we will be moving in next week!!! It is definitely less than ideal to move during the middle of the week, but as with everything else, we literally had no option. The POD will be delivered at the beginning of the week, then we will unpack it and be in by this weekend! We are thrilled and can't wait to show you pictures of the finished product. Of course, as with any home, there is still some work to be done, but nothing the city won't let us do while we are living there. Pray for us tomorrow as we have the plumbers and electricians coming to finish out and will be calling for inspections in the afternoon. Pray that everything is complete and we can move forward without any hiccups.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Houston, We have counters!!!!

What a fun day!!! We got our countertops!! was so interesting watching them do it... So, here's the story. I was told I needed to be at the house between 10 and 11, and that it would take around 3 hours to do the entire install. Well, around 9:45 they called so I raced over there to the house (I was buying plumbing fixtures.. another day!). By 10, I realized I had the wrong faucet and needed to go get a new one. Well, as I was getting my stuff together, I heard the workers talking and it sounded like they were concerned about something, so I glanced out the back door. Lo and behold, I see the guys with my big L-shaped piece on the orange Home Depot-esque 3 section dolly trying to get up the back stairs. They were using one of the guys shoes to protect the granite from the concrete (real reassuring, eh?) and they had the weakest dude trying to hoist the granite and the dolly up the stairs all by himself. In my mind, and of course out loud, I think, "Would you like for me to help you with holding the bottom of the granite so you can get it up the stairs?" Well, as you could probably guess, I got a snicker and a polite, "No mam, we've got this" response from one of the workers. After standing there staring at them while they try to figure this thing out, I figure it is probably better if I just left because I will annoy the tar out of them staring while they try to not break a very expensive piece of stone as they ghetto-rig it up my stairs. They had my number in case it broke while I was out.. Well, luckily, they didn't need it. By the time I came back, they had set all three pieces of stone on top of the cabinets and were getting ready to start cutting the hole for the sink and faucet. It was insanely loud while they cut the sink hole and of course, as a special ed. teacher I began worrying about the state of all of our ear drums and went on an unsuccessful hunt for ear plugs from our tool box. Oh well, I settled for looking like a 2-year old holding my ears closed. About 2 1/2 hours after they started, I had beautiful countertops to enjoy for many years!! Enjoy some pics of their handiwork!

Our countertops and the trusty dolly...
The countertops, view from the dining room.. Notice the faucet to the left of the sink.
Close up of the countertops... New Venetian Gold Granite

Another view of the c-tops and the kitchen.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

the list is shortening..

So, our laundry list of everything that will make our home "liveable" according to the city of Richardson is getting shorter. YAY!! We have one bathroom left to tile, the kitchen is tiled, the countertops will be delivered Friday and hopefully at the beginning of next week, we will have all of our plumbing fixtures in!! And, the only other big thing is that we have to blow insulation in the attic, which we have heard is not a big task (comparatively speaking, I guess...). That means that hopefully next weekend (May 16-18), we will be moving in. I am a little nervous to say that because I don't want it to not happen, but I'm just going to go ahead a put it out there. I need to call and get our appliance set up for delivery. Do you remember several months ago when I was so excited about my appliances?? Well, it just so happens that my wonderful, fabulous appliances will probably end up being delivered on my birthday!!! It may seem weird to most of you, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE cooking and being in the kitchen, so we have probably spent the most money, love and attention to that space so I can enjoy it and through my cooking, my husband, family and you guys, my wonderful friends, can enjoy it as well!! As I type, the light fixtures are being installed in the house. Things really seem to be coming together and I just can't wait to not be living out of my car and always on the go. That's it for now!

Oh, P.S. Caleb is taking the GMAT on Saturday, so say a prayer that he will be able to focus his attention completely on that this week and that he would have good rest. I guess that means you should pray for me too because I'm coughing up what feels like my left and right lungs all night long, so my husband can't sleep either.

Much love!