Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Remodeling, No Problem... Furniture Shopping, Major Crisis!

Throughout the last 5+ months, we have heard so many times that remodeling is one of the toughest tasks you can take on as a married couple. Many a folk at The Home Depot (our favorite store... particularly the one in Richardson @ Coit and Campbell-AMAZING!) gave us ample unsolicited advice and horror stories about the knock-down, drag-out fights they had while re-doing their own homes or even their friends re-doing their homes. Going into this, of course, that got us a little concerned because we felt pretty confident that we were on the same page as far as the financial piece of the remodel, as well as the over "design" we wanted to achieve. Well, I can say with much confidence that we really enjoyed working together on this project and generally speaking, we did not have any major fall-outs in the process. It's not to say that we never had arguments but we never had days of pent-up frustration and major arguments over the house. Well.. fast forward to the last month and a half. We were doing pretty good if I say so myself, until we decided to go couch shopping. Yes, my friends, that is correct: COUCH SHOPPING. Never in my life would I think that it would take us a solid month and a half to agree upon a SOFA and a LOVE SEAT. Never did I imagine that I would walk into Weirs Furniture with hope and excitement, only to leave in tears and utter frustration. Or, that I would walk into Haverty's just praying that we find something we both like just to leave no speaking to that guy (my husband) who doesn't love everything I love. **Disclaimer, I love my husband, he is the most incredible man who knows how to love me and teach me how to submit under his authority with grace and compassion.. I might have been a little irrational in the process, but just a little (haha).** Well, I am happy to report that after nearly two months of searching, about 30 swatches of fabric later and plenty of $3-4 gas gallons later, we landed on the first couch we ever looked at. Funny how that works, huh?!? The couch is from my most favorite store in the whole wide world, where we basically shop exclusively for all of our furniture for many reasons! We love, love, love, love Weirs Furniture for their Christian values and amazing prices! If you shop at the Plano store, ask for Darrell--he's our guy; Harold is our Dallas store guy! Here are the swatches for the couch, love seat and pillows for those who care and made it to the bottom of this novella...

Left Fabric: Couch and love seat; Center and Right Fabrics: Pillows

Monday, July 7, 2008

My Great Excuses + Pictures for your Satisfaction!

Really, I mean it... I have missed you! All of you readers out there who bug me and tell me I need to update, well here you go. Only a month and a few days later, and for that I am sorry.. but you must understand my circumstance. Once we moved in, I had no computer access unless Caleb was at home because our home computer was not hooked up and I could not for the life of me find my laptop (which is awful anyway...). And those of you who have work computers know that it isn't exactly a great idea for Caleb to let me upload our personal pics to the blog, so I was a good girl and didn't do it. Fast forward into mid-June: we get the home computer hooked up, finally and guess what... IT DIES (by the grace of God it was 2 weeks before the warranty expired!). And what a sad day... seriously. Never in my life have I been more thankful for blogging and shutterfly because otherwise all of my pictures of the remodel would be totally gone. A lot of the pictures of the remodel were lost, but I just conceded that there was nothing I could do and pouting would only make both Caleb and me miserable. So, once again, no posting pictures. Fast forward again, I get my home computer working and I leave my camera at my parents house... No posting pictures again. Well, fast forward to now and you must know I feel like one lucky duck. I have my camera and my laptop computer, although it loses charge very quickly and the charger is a thorn in my side, works, so here ya go. Enjoy what pictures I have. Hopefully more to come soon!
Guest Bedroom... AKA The Morris Hotel. So far our count is 3 visitors.
Another view of the guest bedroom
Guest bathroom.
Master bathroom
Dining Room (decorated for the 4th of July.. yes, I may just be one of "those" people who always keep the table decorated... I think it's cute!)
View from the Dining/Living Room into the Breakfast Nook/Kitchen
Breakfast Nook
One view of the kitchen
Another View of the kitchen