Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Busy Bag Swap

For all you mommas on Pinterest, I know you are familiar with the concept of the Busy Bag! If not, a Busy Bag is designed to entertain your little one with a simple activity and can fit into a gallon size ziplock baggie (hopefully!). It could be anything from lacing pool noodles and matching shapes to making puzzles and identifying numbers and colors.

I have been wanting to build my own little collection of Busy Bags for Zachariah as he grows and with a little girl joining our family in May, I know I won't have a lick of time later to organize something like this. I have seen other people organize a swap, so I thought "Why not host my own while I have a semblance of free time?!"

Soo... Here's how it is going to work: each participant will make 20 (hopefully we get that many takers!!) of the same busy bag activity. This should streamline the process of you creating and absolutely save on materials.

I have pre-chosen 20 different activities to make sure there is variety. I tried to pick bags that teach a specific concept or can be used creatively AND that will hopefully be affordable ($3 or less per bag for a total of $60 for 20 bags--quite a steal when you end up with 20 different activities in the end).


Want to join the swap?

1. Email me (kamorris05@gmail.com) by Saturday, January 14th and let me know you would like to sign up. Please let me know if you are comfortable with a little bit of sewing, if you don't mind very light construction (chopping small wooden dowels and sanding them), or if you really just want a simple, straightforward bag.

2. Once I have all the spots filled, I will assign everyone a bag, doing my best to match you with a bag fitting your skills and wishes! I will include a link to directions/templates/examples of a completed activity to help you along.

3. Everyone will have a little over a month to complete their bags. We will get together at the end of February to swap.

4. Out of towners are more than welcome to participate, you will just have to cover the cost of shipping and handling via Priority Mail.

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