Wednesday, February 9, 2011

31 Weeks and More Nursery!!

Pregnancy Highlights
How far along: 31 weeks!!!
Size of the baby: A head of lettuce (??--doesn't seem that big, maybe it's an organic one!)
Maternity clothes: Why the heck not?!?... And because he is so low, I can't wear any of the low rise maternity pants I have because they just slide down even lower and my shirts won't cover my belly!
Movement: Lots of it, and he seems to have found my ribs. He's not killing me with the kicks in the ribs because it doesn't happen that often, but I wouldn't put in on the list of my favorite movements of his.
Gender: BOY... Zachariah Hayes Morris!!
Sleep: Haha. The insomnia has set in and despite my exhaustion after work, I have a hard time napping. I am waking up a lot at night, too. Preparation for those sleepless nights have set in I guess!
What I miss: Being able to sleep in any position I please and not having to worry about getting heartburn.
Symptoms: I'm going to be real with you folks... Every morning I wake up with a really dry mouth and feel like I have lots of mucus buildup in my throat. If I don't have a "productive cough", I end up spending 10 minutes gagging over the sink/throwing up until I clear my throat. My husband thinks it's lovely. =)
Best moment this week: All the unexpected time off I have had due to the crazy North Texas weather... I have had lots of time to just relax and enjoy him moving, and lots of time to work on his bedding and room!
Here is an update of his room:
This is a view of his room from the door. You can see his crib and the bedding I have been working on, along with his curtains and one of my faves, the stroller!!
His closet, which I love and envy! When we remodeled the house, we left this closet empty, literally. It was a sheetrock box, so once we cleared the room and closet of junk office stuff was moved, it was off to The Container Store (aka a slice of Heaven this side of eternity) to design and install his closet. Can I just say that it was WORTH IT in every way!!
These are probably going to be used in some way above his bed.
This is going to be the outfit lil man will come home from the hospital in!! The story behind this outfit is this: My dad was in Italy working when we found out we were having a boy. He brought this darling and TINY outfit back for Zachariah. Not only is it special, but I'm not sure it will fit him for long! Let's just hope he doesn't take after his cousin Benjamin... If that's the case, it may never fit him!

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Lindsay said...

LOVE the nursery so far! The wall color is similar to what we are going to do.